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Wig of the week!

As you all may know I wear, create, and sell custom units. I love the versatility of wigs, and the convenience of being able to switch them up or take them off which can be useful if you need supreme relief during hot flashes or if you are in the process of treating your scalp and you need the ease of getting to your roots to administer your healthy hair and scalp treatments.

I have several units, and many of them are available for my 4th of July SALE going on now through July 3rd. All of the select units are marked down between $99 and $179. It's a great time to buy. Wigs are great solutions to a bad hair day,

Rock this beauty on the 4th of JULY!

and for wig lovers like myself well, you know....We can never have enough wigs! Add a new look to your collection during this amazing holiday SALE!!

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