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Do you ever feel like you want to add more exercise to your life, but you dread what a good sweat will do to your hair? Is your hair most certainly a factor that keeps you on the fence when it comes to you jumpstarting your fitness routine? Do you find it especially frustrating when it seems like you have to wrestle with your hair for hours just to get it decent enough to get out of the door? Well, one solution that I personally love is my wet and wavy extensions. I like to wear them curly, but with the hair I use, I also have the option to straighten them with my flat irons for a more refined look. The best part is that when I work out I can pull my hair back into a ponytail, and later on if I feel the need to shampoo and condition it to keep it from itching and to keep it smelling fresh, I can do that too. If you have been seeking some hair care alternatives that won't get in between you and your workouts, come see me and let me help you come up with a styling solution that can work for you and your busy schedule.

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